The Go! Team at the Great American Music Hall, by Ria Burman
The Go! Team (photo: Ria Burman)

Photos and words by Ria Burman

Bay Area’s own The Tambo Rays began the night right with rifftastic shakedowns and chaotic keyboard buzzing energy, constantly complemented by the bass and beat, which brought steady, rhythmic sway-stomping order to the catchy tunes delivered.

Glockabelle followed, whose mix of Zelda old school computer fantasy driven sounds, subtle glam rock makeup reminders and rolling thunder heavy rock storm drumming left me witnessing something rare and unique. Drawing art from everyday life, like washing machines, less you spin me right round, more musical mechanicalness, delving beyond the sounds of the wires electrifying, Glockabelle brings a colorful new spin (uh-hum) to the mundane. Not to mention, thimbles on fingers playingglockenspiel, drifting drummer to sleep. All in all, the outside is loud noise carnage, but the layers are intricate and masterful. It’s imagination overload exploded, the sounds of sugar (not literal), undertone interludes of The Doors (was that just me?) and a delightfully comical leading lady makes Glockabelle an enjoyable ride through unusual talent.

The Go! Team headlined the Great American Music Hall performance, bringing Brighton’s boomy bass rock pop to the growing crowd, lots of instrument shuffle changing, sharing lead vocals and center stage, kept the group oscillating and the energy fresh. The Go! Team know how to twerk it, double drum it, guitar dance smooch it. The Go! Team knows how to rock pop bob and they’re contagious as fuck.