Shannon And The Clams

Shannon & the Clams have had a great year: Gone By the Dawn, their fantastic new record on Hardly Art, came out in September, which was followed by a tour and NYE spectacle at the Great American Music Hall. There’s no stopping their momentum: they just released a video for their GBTD cut “The Bog” that so wonderfully fits the retro vibe of the jaunty, garage-y tune.

Directed by Dan Shaw, Shannon’s brother, we follow Clams member Cody, who’s been kidnapped, through a narrative chock full of mystery, chases, and more in both urban and forest landscapes. His place of captivity is in a swampy forest, the bog of reference coming to life. Will Shannon the investigator be able to save her band mate from his perilous fate at the hands of vague masked figures? Or will he be slaughtered in a VHS-tinged blaze of glory? Find out in this wonderfully exciting video below.

They also announced a Southeastern/Midwestern tour to kick off next week in Florida, but be sure to stay tuned for a Bay Area date hopefully soon. Or, you can make the trek to George, WA to witness the Clams’ garage rock glory at Sasquatch Festival in March. Whichever it is, their live act is a must-see.