Rat Fist

I once brought my then-pregnant sister to FYF Fest in Los Angeles, a decision that, in retrospect, probably wasn’t the smartest move. I wasn’t so much nervous about the crowds or the rambunctious drunk kids (this was back when it was one-day affair and considerably smaller.) No, my main concern was that we’d be seeing No Age, and I didn’t want my future nephew to get his head blasted around by the loudest live band I’ve ever seen.

Fortunately, we kept a healthy distance from the stage for the show, and my little nephew is smart as a whip and just celebrated his 4th birthday. But the moral of the story is clear — you watch a No Age show at the peril of you own ear drums.

I’m giving this warning because guitarist Randy Randall of No Age has teamed up with drummer Sean McGuinness of Pissed Jeans (if, you can believe it, an even louder band than No Age) to form Rat Fist, and that group is set to play at the Hemlock on Monday night.

If you need to bring ear plugs to the show, then do it, but it’s a great idea to check this group out regardless. While No Age are loud, they’re also beguilingly melodic, and their punk rock ethos is unquestionable — these guys fight the good fight. Pissed Jeans reflect those same values. And it’s not like Randall and McGuiness are taking some dramatic U-turn and viewing Rat Fist as an outlet for their softer sides. The group’s early releases are exactly what you’d expect — blistering, unapologetic, loud rock ‘n roll.

Sometimes you just need to hear abrasive, pulse-pounding music that has no frills and puts on no airs. Monday at the Hemlock will be your chance for that.

Rat Fist with Violence Creeps
The Hemlock
January 18, 8:30 p.m.