ghost and the city

Oakland-based Ghost & The City has reinterpreted soul for the digital age. Incorporating elements of electronica, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and various subgenre offshoots, the project combines spacey grooves and atmospheric arrangements with genuine human emotions to move you the same way that Otis Redding and Irma Thomas and Ann Peebles did so many years ago without the aid of technical wizardry. Ghost & The City astutely understands that feeling can’t be replicated by a machine alone, and uses electro embellishments to expand their soundscapes, not replace the human element.

Their new six-song EP Patchwork Soul is set to drop January 15th, and is full of genre twists that you won’t see coming. There’s a Roots-esque, airtight beat on “Mosaic,” a swooning, anthemic chorus on “Smaller Everyday,” and the sultry vibe of opener “Steady Trippin'” conjures images of smoke-filled clubs with low red lights, empty bars, and dark alleyways; fog encroaching and a full moon rising.