Are you sick of indie rock? Yeah, me too. But every now and then a band breaks out of that insipid, uninspired ocean of sameness and releases a song that pulls me back into the genre. Your Fearless Leader is one of those bands.

Featuring arresting violin lines, propulsive drums, and anthemic sonic arrangements, the four-piece reminds you that this genre can still capture your attention in an overly-cluttered digitized century. The band recently released their debut EP, Retrospection, four songs aching with bittersweet melodies and impressive musical chops. Closing track “Father’s Son” stands out as the arena-rocker highlight, with its rolling tom beat, harmonious keys and swirling vocal hooks that threaten to spin out of control but pull back just in time to keep you humming along.

The group’s first show of 2016 takes place at Amnesia at the end of the month. It’s also singer/guitarist Marcus Ghiasi-Peschard’s birthday party, so if you want to help him celebrate, come out, dig the music, and maybe buy an EP or two.

Your Fearless Leader, The Shape
January 29, 2016
9pm, $7-10, 21+