Feed Me Jack Elo Durand

An ambitious rock band that has roots from Santa Cruz to Oakland and beyond, Feed Me Jack is putting out an EP, Ultra Ego, in two days! They’ve described their genre-bending style as alternative, indie, experimental, progressive rock, and math rock, and I hear a little soul in there too.

The adventurous lead single “Emergency” has lush vocal harmonies, electro asides, latin inspired grooves, and some sweet riffage. It covers a lot of ground but never jams it down your throat. It flows over you and inspires the imagination, inviting you on a journey where you genuinely don’t know where you’re going.

Over three previous releases, they’ve covered The Beatles, Steely Dan, Weezer, and Department of Eagles. In other words, they draw from a wide variety of resources.  Check out the Ultra Ego EP on Thursday, and watch out for their next Bay Area show!