Saint Tiimbre

Late last year, Oakland based Saint Tiimbre released one hell of a video for their single “Body Moves” off their EP of the same name. The trio is formed by producers Amp Live and Julia Lewis and vocalist Natasha Adorlee. Adorlee explains the concept behind the Ezra Bassin-Hill directed video:

The video started with the idea that it was day in my life in the dance studio: getting warmed up, listening to music, creating and dancing. As soon as we started down this path I knew it wasn’t right for the song. the song is much more complex lyrically for me so I wanted the video to reflect that. We worked for awhile at this idea and moved to a second studio location and it was here that we blew up 90 black balloons. The image of the balloons cemented this idea that came to me. I thought I could be the underworld seductress trying to entice Ben, the motorcycle rider, to cross over after a nasty accident. The balloons are past trophies of mine and I wanted to add Ben’s helmet to them….it came together so easily, it was pretty spectacular how the story unfolded as we were creating it. It was meant to be.

On top of that, Saint Tiimbre crafted a fantastic dance song that probably deserves more attention than it’s received since its release.. Saint Tiimbre’s Body Moves EP is available on iTunes. Kick off your new year with this overlooked gem of a video for “Body Moves” below: