Barry Johnson & Frances Quinlan

Whenever you are connected to the phrase “pop-punk” it’s harder to be taken seriously. I’ve seen Joyce Manor live a couple of times, twice when they were opening for Conor Oberst’s punk band, Desaparecidos. I had almost no clue who Joyce Manor was or what to expect from them. What I caught myself in was a massive amount of enthusiastic teens throwing their bodies around the crowd and my shoulders. Teens that used “pop-punk” as a compliment, a way to describe their way of life and even their favorite pizza place. I am still not sure if I should be worried about them or try to stay far away from them. What I do know that there’s a reason teens fall in love with bands, and it usually has to do with how the music makes them feel.

On the 13th day of this new year, Barry Johnson from Joyce Manor and Frances Quinlan from Hop Along are coming to SF to make us take them seriously by playing solo. When I first heard about this show, I knew it was something I wouldn’t let myself miss. Not only has every time I’ve seen Joyce Manor been semi-hectic but Hop Along is the kind of band that has not only been blowing up on those “Best of 2015“ lists, but also in my mind.

To be able too see Barry Johnson & Frances Quinlan stripped down to only themselves and the basics feels like the best way to really appreciate what their doing. I understand why teens are so into Joyce Manor – the emotionally driven lyrics and those catchy chords are perfect for teen angst or even strange 20-something-year-old millennial angst.

I understand and am so happy that Hop Along are getting the attention they deserve, because their lyrics and Frances’ vocals are some of the most impressive sounds to have blessed Saddle Creek and music lovers’ ears in a long while. I just need to understand how talented they truly are and I feel like the 13th will be the night that happens for many of us.

Barry Johnson & Frances Quinlan, solo
The Chapel
Jan 13, 2016
8pm, $15 adv, $17 door (all ages)