YOURS has some big plans for 2016. Not only is the San Francisco-based three-piece set to release an EP this year, but they already have a new single ready to share off it.

Entitled “Capture Me,” the song is full of rhythmic tricks and melodic turns, catchy enough at first listen but complex enough to make you play it on repeat. The tune is anchored by a delightfully fuzzy bass line, a tight, crackling drumbeat that manages to balance combustive energy with technical finesse, and bursts of a horn section so wild and weird it somehow works. It’s relatively easy to write a decent indie pop song, but pretty hard to make them sound this fresh.

YOURS can be strange, yes, and charmingly unhinged at times, but rarely uninteresting and never boring. “Capture Me” perfectly captures their blend of pop eccentricity and penchant for captivating melodies.