Nightshuttle is a new project from San Francisco’s Justin Frahm, who has performed with a number of local artists over the years, including Kelley Stoltz, the Titan Ups, and his own band The Union Standard. As Nightshuttle, Frahm writes dark, emotional, brass-and-synth-heavy new-wave influenced pop. Yeah, all those elements melt together seamlessly on his debut EP The City is Perfect Right Now. And man, it just makes you wish for rain. Make the El Nino rains enjoyable by putting this on a stereo and just staring out the window.

The City is Perfect was recorded both at Frahm’s home on a Tascam 388 and at the Panoramic House in Stinson Beach, where he recorded vocals, piano, and a Yamaha CS80, which Frahm describes as “the most beautiful analog polysynth ever made”. Frahm was joined by Marc Capelle (Marc and the Casuals and much more), who added most of the horns, while Jamin Barton played the sax on “We’re the Rain”. No Nightshuttle shows are currently planned, but Frahm tells me he’s in the process of forming a full band and learning to play the songs live as he records a second EP.