Formed out of the ashes of WAG, Schlotman alludes to the former project’s focus on straightforward, catchy rock n’ roll, but takes a heavier, darker turn on their first batch of recordings.

Captured live to 4-track tape in a basement during the deadening freeze of a New Hampshire winter, the band’s demo collection a snake is not a rope is full of grungy, raw power, thriving on chunky chord changes and Cobain-esque vocal melodies.

Though unrefined and ostensibly lo-fi, the recordings are here to show that the ex-members of WAG aren’t quite done making noise yet, and the future promises to be just as ear-splittingly raucous as the past.

The band plans on releasing a new single mid-January and a debut 7” in February, so plenty of things to look forward to. This is just the starting place.

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