Our 2015 Year End Fundraiser is now over! Thanks to all of you, we’re on strong footing as the year begins. While we may not have met our (lofty) goal of raising $25,000 this year, each and every dollar received will be put to good use to create more events, cover even more bands, and support this Bay Area music community we care so much about.

Simply put, we can’t express our gratitude enough, and we really appreciate all of you joining us in supporting the Bay Area music scene. So thank you very much and we hope you think the 10th Anniversary Compilation is as awesome as we do! This month The Bay Bridged turns 10 years old, and we’re truly excited to continue to bring you the best in San Francisco Bay Area independent music during 2016 and the years to come.

Donors: We’ll be sending out donation letters and rewards in the next few weeks, and, if you are entitled to additional rewards, we’ll be letting you know about those soon. We will be getting in touch for those who ordered t-shirts or hoodies to get your size.