King Woman (Photo by M.J. Bernier)

Although 2015 was flooded with badass local releases, signings to hip AF labels, and love from around the globe for our tasty Bay Area music scene, there is one particular band that burrowed their way into my heart, that I’m not soon to forget.

They didn’t do so with doe eyes, lyrical glitter explosions, or pop laden hooks for days that I so often succumb to – oh no – but rather they shredded a whole chunk of my innards out with their razor sharp teeth, and left in its place a den to hibernate for winter.

The band I speak of is King Woman. Darker than the pit of your deepest regrets, with endless reverie for something long forgotten, front woman Kristina Esfandiari roars in tracks like BURN, atop a band of players, equally powerful with their driving framework.

Featuring the talent of Colin Gallagher, Joey Raygoza, and Peter Arensdorf, this is a powerhouse group, that leaves you feeling as though you may never come up for air. If you have ever been prone to panic attacks, breath heavy and then walk into the chamber of their Doubt EP with hesitancy, for you may find yourself home amongst their anxious skeletons. You might feel too comfortable, if you get my drift. You might never leave is what I’m saying. This is a kind of metal that will keep you strong, because you are entrapped within its world. So just hang tight.

Sarah Sexton the founder of OIM Productions & Co-founder of OIM Records. When she’s not starting record labels or booking shows, she’s off causing trouble, trying not to get caught, and never saying sorry. Get it kitty.