Life Stinks (Photo: Erin Allen)

In a city dominated by a tech atmosphere that gave birth to the most prominent corporations, such culture is difficult to ignore when living amongst a privileged elite. Juxtapose that with San Francisco’s Life Stinks, a band that caricatures opposition to such lifestyle, truly a bold statement at best. Subtle antagonism fuels the band’s latest release You’ll Never Make It out now on Sacramento-based SS Records.

Social criticism from the local four-piece is not administered with disappointing audacity, however – it impresses and perseveres to stand up to a resolute message in an understated manner. “Strange Prison” captures the overall proclamation of striving to endure through it all. The album never forgets about a general audience along the way as the band shifts to a more accessible upbeat tone on “Anchor”, a song that unfolds similarly to early San Francisco noise punk act Flipper. Sludgy tempo and an unembellished tone ultimately delivers amidst the climate of urban malaise.

Order a copy of the LP from SS Records, stream select tracks from You’ll Never Make It and check out the video for “I’m a Weed”, directed by Life Stinks guitarist Troy Hewitt below.

Life Stinks celebrates the release of their new album tonight at SF Eagle with The World and contemporary San Francisco local act Useless Eaters.

Useless Eaters, Life Stinks, The World
SF Eagle
December 17, 2015
9:00PM, $8, 21+