health, pictureplane

Tonight The Independent will deliver just what the doctor ordered: a hefty dose of noisy synths, sensual vocals and left-field dance rock from longtime tour-mates HEALTH and Pictureplane. The Death Magic Tour is on tonight.

“I’m feeling paranormal again”, Travis Egedy sings on “Esoterrorist” – a cut from his latest studio release as Pictureplane, the first since 2011’s Thee Physical. Technomancer, out now on Anticon, finds Egedy applying his cyberpunk aesthetic to the pressures of modern society. With goth club-ready production and glossy vocal hooks, Pictureplane’s latest effort is sure to translate into a captivating live performance.

LA noise-rock outfit HEALTH are headlining the tour named after their latest release, Death Magic. Six years since the release of their previous studio LP Get Color, HEALTH return with apocalyptic brain crushers like “Stonefist”, “New Coke” and “Men Today”. Aaron Axelsen brought the band to Popscene at Rickshaw Stop following their album release last summer, and now they’re back for another round before the year is out.

Pictureplane’s Thee Physical was mixed and co-produced by HEALTH’s Jupiter Keyes, and the former labelmates have toured together in the past. The double bill will undoubtedly bring a visceral experience to The Independent and probably expose some feelings you never knew you had.

HEALTH, Pictureplane
The Independent
December 11, 2015
9pm, $20