This Sunday morning join the folks at the Sweetwater Music Hall for brunch and music on the patio featuring San Francisco’s own Kendra McKinley. This an all ages event that features one of the most-honest sounding musicians in the local area with great food all for the great price of free.

If you have not heard of the very talented Kendra McKinley, you’re in for something much more than just a free performance. Employing sounds of folk, jazz, blues and baroque pop, she easily captivates her audiences with her soft sung lyrics and enchanting guitar melodies that seem as if to belong in classical children shows. The purity in her voice acts as the driving force of each of her beautify crafted tracks, drawing resemblance to Lauryn Hill, or even Zooey Deschanel.

In 2012, McKinley released her first album Chestnut Street. A collection of eight tracks that features her flawless singing and songwriting capabilities. It’s easy to listen to mesmerizing tracks like “Almond Eyes or “Ivory Tower” and close your eyes, painting pictures in your head to the stories she gives through her music. She is certainly one artist that puts thought and emotion into each and every time she performs, and it feels really, really good.

A graduate of the UCSC music program, McKinley has become somewhat of a songwriter-celebrity in Santa Cruz. She is one of the first organizers of the Do It Ourselves music festival in Santa Cruz and has played since it’s beginnings in 2013.

Is there really a better way to start a Sunday than with free music?

Kendra McKinley
Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley
Sunday, Dec 13, 11am
Free, all-ages