It’s been six years since Oakland’s pop-punk legends The Matches announced their official hiatus via Facebook and Myspace, stating “our time to start new projects has come”. Later in 2010, front man Shawn Harris confirmed to Triple J radio station in Australia that he had officially left the band. The band elaborated on their decision with a statement given to Punknews.org saying:

“We’ve spent 2009 soul searching, as a group and separately, starting new projects and having lives outside of our little white tour van. We’ve been lucky to have been 4 artists (well, 5, really) involved in a nearly decade-spanning group project, and have been even luckier to have you as an audience. However, our time to start new projects has come, and right now, The Matches has become something we prefer to look back upon proudly.”

With nine years and three albums under their belts, it seemed like the end for The Matches and their run to becoming local heroes. Side projects grew and expanded while fans grew more and more eager for any hints of a reunion.

Those fans finally got what they wished for in 2014. The band began to post pictures on their previously inactive Facebook and Twitter accounts under the hashtag #oldschoolmatches. Not much later in the year, the band posted a YouTube video announcing a one-time reunion show at Slim’s in honor of the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals.

It seemed as though the band had not anticipated the hype that went around for their return. With the show at Slim’s quickly selling out, more dates were announced in Oakland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Coming off of the last legs of the tour in Australia this year, The Matches released two new tracks:”Life of a Match” and “Crucial Comeback” on October 8. Along with the release of the material, the band has also announced two back-to-back shows at the Fillmore on December 27 and 28. The same venue where they’ve already said goodbye once before back in August of 2009.

The Matches, That Lying Bitch
The Fillmore
Dec. 27, 7 pm
$22.50 All ages

The Matches, Finish Ticket
The Fillmore
Dec. 28, 7 pm
$22.50 All ages