Jack's Mannequin In Transit

If you came of age in the early to mid 2000s, chances are you had some relation to Jack’s Mannequin. Maybe you were the #emokid, or perhaps it was a good friend. Or maybe you saw the kids across the hall singing “Dark Blue” at the top of their lungs at the wee hours of night, and you wondered what the hype was. Whatever the degree of separation, Jack’s Mannequin, and especially their 2005 debut In Transit, changed a lot of lives. We’re happy to hear that Andrew McMahon and company are capitalizing on our teen nostalgia-strings and hitting our city on their “10 Years In Transit” US tour. (Take our money!!)


The band hasn’t been active since 2012, when McMahon went solo and has recently been putting out music under Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. This tour will mark 10 years since the release of In Transit, and we can expect they’ll be playing from the record front to back. (Please?!) McMahon wrote in a blog post announcing the tour, “Even as I announce these shows I know there will be disappointment over the fact this will not be a full tour.” Because the run is only 10 cities (One for each year!? Clever.), we feel really special that one of them is San Francisco.

And now, the bad news: the show is already sold out. We thought it would be sufficient enough to write this up a few days after they went on sale, but alas, the response was ravenous. If you were lucky enough to snag a pass, we salute you. To those who weren’t, grab a friend and scour sites/Craigslist/Facebook show pages. Good lucky, and may the spirit of Andrew McMahon be with you.

Jack’s Mannequin
The Regency Ballroom
January 20, 2016
7:30pm, $37 (All Ages)