Lia Rose
Our 10-year fundraiser compilation yielded some exciting, intriguing, and impressive submissions, but none quite so sweet as Lia Rose‘s “Wolves.”

A long-time friend of the blog, Lia Rose is a vet of Bay Area indie music, known mostly for her work in bands like Built For The Sea, Minipop, and Or, The Whale. She’s also had a solid solo career since 2011, making music both on her own and in collaboration with other Bay Area folk and acoustic artists. For fans of vulnerable vocals and delicate guitar work, “Wolves” is the perfect companion to the rainy days that are already here.

To take a listen, you’ll just have to donate to our Year-End Fundraiser, where you can snag “Wolves” and 42 other exclusive, rare, and never-released tracks from Bay Area artists. Downloads are going fast!

In the meantime, you can check out Lia’s performance of “That Lion” with Pandora last summer below.