Social Work

Yesterday, Social Work was introduced to the world on SF Weekly with the release of “Funny Dancers”. Social Work is a project centered around the production of Will Butler, who you should already know for his excellent writing work, (dinner with Lil B at Chez Panisse, anyone?) but also has an obvious talent for music.

The life of “Funny Dancers” began as a track of the same name from locals Brass Magic. Butler sampled and modulated horns from the track and recorded most of the live instruments in various home studios and Different Fur (where it was mixed). Oakland’s Madeline Kenney, who I absolutely gushed over earlier this year, wrote the lyrics and melody in addition to sharing her vocal talents. Layers of horns, vocals percussion, keys, and guitar weave in and out of the track, but the intoxicating rhythm won’t quit. It’s a perfect track fof funny dancing.

Social Work plans a full release in the somewhat new future, which will also feature contributions from a variety of local musicians and social acquaintances of Butler. It’s social work! (Ha). Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing what Butler and his pals come up with. For now, “Funny Dancers” is below.