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Soulful indie rockers Cave Clove will be making the long journey from Oakland to the Rickshaw Stop next week bringing with them new music, a new bassist, and news on how soon we can see an album.

The original project of singer-songwriter Katie Colver and drummer Melissa Kilkuskie has since plugged in with guitarist Brent Curriden (who may have also recognized from 1-5 of your other favorite Bay Area bands). This has brought to the table another live incarnation ready for an acoustic night featuring Katie and Brent as a duo. Most recently, enter Alisa Saario rounding out the lineup on bass.

Talk of a new album appeared around the release of last year’s Kyrie 7” which still has one of the best sleeve packaging for a recent single I’ve come across. Since then, new music has been filtering out though only as far as the stage. Set up with a full band, the Oakland based group has been moving into a newer, louder territory, a departure from the more stripped down songs found of Bases of Pyramids.

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To lead you along the road to the new record, the band has launched a Kickstarter where you can pre-order the album while directly helping to speed along the process. Not to skip out on creating some unique bonuses for generous fans and high rollers alike, you can donate to the project in exchange for all your Cave Clove music and merch needs, yoga lessons from Katie, or even vacation on Hawaii compliments of Melissa. Hit the video below to find out more.

To seal the deal for those still hesitating to black out their calendar, I asked Katie how you can expect the recent rush of recording energy to translate on Thursday:

“Our sound has evolved a lot over the last year and we are more excited about it than ever. We are thrilled to share it with as many people as possible and we can assure you that this show will be a transformative experience and a great time.”

Earlier that night you’ll be able to get to know fuzzy San Francisco rockers Young Elders and Oakland’s Eight Belles. The later of which will be celebrating the release of a new self titled LP. Often performing live with the addition of drums and bass, Eight Belles is based around the Americana duo of songwriter Jessi Phillips and guitarist Henry Nagle. There, now you have two more reasons.

Cave Clove, Eight Belles, Young Elders
Rickshaw Stop
December 10, 2015
8pm, $10