I always thought my buddy Jeff came up with the sweetest dance moves. He had the perfect combination of hip gyrations, enthusiastic hand movements and overall buoyancy that made every live show with him a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Then I saw !!! (pronounced Chk, Chk, Chk), and realized that ol’ Jeff copped every one of said sweet moves from Nic Offer, the smooth-moving lead singer of the venerable dance punk group. My view of Jeff’s floor performance dimmed a little, but I only gained that much more respect for Offer and his peerless collection of short shorts.

That little anecdote is my way of saying that !!! are one of the absolute best bands around to see live — a group that exists to put on an entertaining spectacle. Their combination of Nile Rodgers-infused guitars, disco-inspired bass lines and irreverent approach to songwriting makes for an interesting studio sound, but to get the true !!! experience, you have to see these guys perform. Their tempo is always incessant and urgent, making it impossible to resist bopping your head, or pogoing up and down on the dance floor.

Thankfully, the Brooklyn-via-Sacramento group will be in town this week, for a performance on Friday at Slim’s to support their excellent sixth album, As If. There’s nothing like a band with boundless enthusiasm to bust you out of an early-December malaise. Fittingly, the gig is on Friday night, so the show should have the unbridled party atmosphere it deserves.

There is kind of an interesting follow-up to my revelation about Jeff’s dance move origins. The two of us actually ran into Offer at a hotel in Los Angeles, where Jeff eventually fessed up to his party-move plagiarism. Offer seemed genuinely flattered by the imitation, and even asked Jeff and I if we had any dance moves of our own that we could share with him (we were both a little dumbstruck, so couldn’t come up with anything on the spot.) That little run-in was brief, but was it was a perfect example of what kind of guy Offer is — his mission is to connect with his fans, one amazing dance move at a time.

!!!, Stereolad, Male Gaze
December 4, 9  p.m.