You said you would stop after a second helping and you swear sneaking into the kitchen to finish off that pie after everyone passed out was not premeditated. Needless to say, you have some calories to burn. This is one of the many reasons we’re providing you with a way to dance back into shape Saturday night at the Hemlock Tavern.

You’ve had plenty of warning to prepare for a night of local talent. There’s one more chance to catch the Bay’s own The Fresh & Onlys and Fronds in 2015. In case you could use more convincing, here are another five reasons to double up the flannel and brave the cold.

  • You’ll hibernate soon – The cold has arrived and the threat of actual rain finally seems more legitimate. You are mentally preparing to re-watch about 13 hours worth of Star Wars at least twice in the next month. Your time spend outside will plummet so plan time with friends wisely. Plus, most touring bands are having the same idea as you so latch onto the opportunity.
  • Dream on with Fronds – Floating male and female shared vocals and trace inducing guitar linked together with a steady drumbeat accented with frequent hand claps. Listen to their self titled 2013 release and give extra attention to “Graves” and “Tents”.
  • Apprentice Destroyer revealed – A recent addition to the Castle Face family, the intricate instrumental collections were allegedly all recorded in Guitar Center unbeknownst to the staff. The debut, Glass Ceiling Universe, is out now.
  • Fresh Fresh & Onlys – We all learned earlier this week that there is new music on the horizon for Tim Cohen & Co. This should continue the swift creative pace already set by the band averaging about one LP a year. From last year’s House of Spirits and the recent Early Years Anthology, fans are never left waiting. Given the excitement over the prospect of working on a series of new records in 2016 why not edge some bets and see what kind of gritty garage tunes the foursome have in store for the Polk St. lair.
  • It’s a family affair – Odds are you’ve been cooped up with more than a few people that may make you question your lineage so you have one of two options. A) Take this time to escape and join a like minded crowd from your generation, or B) Drag your strange uncle along to relive his glory days with an excess of tall cans and wow him with a bar you can still kind of smoke in.

The Bay Bridged Presents: The Fresh & Onlys, Apprentice Destroyer, Fronds
Hemlock Tavern
November 28, 2015
9pm, $10