smokin ziggurats

Smokin’ Ziggurats are as mysterious as their name is epic. This photo is their only visual asset so far, and they don’t have a Facebook. The details are sparse, but there are some things about them we know for sure: 1) The supergroup is composed of members of San Francisco bands Social Studies and Foli. 2) They definitely know how to craft a blistery garage rock number. 3) We know this because they dropped their first EP, self-titled, on Soundcloud.

At one point, you could hear all five songs from this release, but as of writing this post, only two remain. We’ll focus on what we think is a standout: “Psychic Palms.” You know that kind of garage rock that sounds sloppy and raw but amazingly well-crafted at the same time? The Ziggurats take this model and apply it to a mid-tempo number that may be a low-key anthem someday. Rough around the edges vocals blend with tight drums and subtly brilliant guitar licks that lead to soaring solos. What makes it especially stand out is what they do with tempo. Somehow, they always sounds like they’re trudging behind the beat, but the effect is that the listener is always on the edge of their seat. While simultaneously fist-pumping. Yes.

You can hear this pretty wonderful contribution to the SF garage scene below.

The number of shows they’ve played to date is currently in the single digits, and they’re making their SF club debut at the Hemlock next week with a bunch of great local bands. You can find out more info below.

Smokin’ Ziggurats, Anna Hillburg, Gentle Spirits, The Moonsaults
Hemlock Tavern
December 2, 2015
8:30pm, $TBA (21+)