Fresh off the release of their debut album Doom and Bloom on November 13, Los Angeles based noise pop riotgaze band TÜLIPS have since embarked on their tour of California which features three shows over the weekend here in the Bay Area.

Before forming the band, front-women Angie and Taleen would send mixtapes back and forth from Los Angeles to Chicago. With Taleen’s return home to LA, the duo’s love for music eventually melded into their own dreamy, noise pop sound. Their songs blend a harmony of vocals and slashing guitar sounds that go hand in hand. Angie and Taleen each take their turns trading off on lead verses and backing vocals as well as guitar playing.

What can I say about this band? These girls rock. The ability that Angie and Taleen have providing sweet vocals and stinging guitar riffs put forth both their own personalities and fury into each track with both members complimenting each other perfectly. Doom and Bloom features 10 very dance-able tracks that gets the listener hooked right from the opener “Vertigo”. My personal favorite off the new LP is “Hotspur”. This track provides the best example when it comes to showcasing the talents of both members. Opening with an ascending chord progression followed by a smooth guitar lick and quickly jumping into the lyrical verses, this jam captivated me the moment I hit the play button.

TÜLIPS have been touring this past week around Southern California but are now here in the Bay Area playing three shows over the weekend. The first will be hosted tonight at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, with tomorrow’s show at Sgraffito in Oakland, and wrapping up Sunday with a performance at Subrosa in Santa Cruz.

The She’s, TÜLIPS, Razz
Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco
November 20, 9pm
$8, 21+

The She’s, TÜLIPS, Razz
Sgrafitto, Oakland
November 21, 8pm
All Ages

TÜLIPS, Mary Skate and the Trashleys, Dead Recipe, The Root Beer Floats
Subrosa, Santa Cruz
November 22, 8pm
$5, All Ages