Feels IV

I’m just going to come out and say it right away — I am in love with the concept of Feels IV, an event curated by Oakland-based music and culture site Wine & Bowties. You’ve got a variety of musicians — from the sample-based pop of headliner Ryan Hemsworth and the pop-punk of Oakland’s Meat Market to the filthy rap of San Jose native Antwon and dreamy R&B from Abra, (and much, much more). There’s a host of DJ’s, and a ton of of visual and multimedia art. You have SE Asian street food, Taqueria Sinaloa, and oh yeah , it’s in a West Oakland warehouse. Despite the eccentric variety of artists and media used, it somehow manages to feel seamlessly cohesive. Quite simply, Oakland is the perfect town to have this event, and the event is perfect for Oakland.

According to Wine and Bowties co-founder Will Bundy, the goal of Feels (and Wine & Bowties) is simple. “Create a space — digital or physical — to showcase work from people who are doing/making incredible shit.” Inevitably, Oakland and the greater Bay Area helps shape the event. “I think Bay culture colors everything we do,” explains Bundy. “Oakland has been super influential in terms of language, music, culture, radical politics…

[Oakland is] insanely diverse, very active in terms of DIY, ground-level movements and collaborations. We definitely try to channel some of those things in our work.”

So while the flood of money and transplants continues to transform Oakland, Bundy hopes Feels can be an event that channels the Bay Area’s status as a center of DIY culture. “Oakland and SF, historically, have a cultural identity that is distinct, and tied to weirdness, eccentricity, radical activism, a super broad range of cultural experiences”, says Bundy. “Oakland is changing pretty fast, but hopefully Feels reflects a lot of the things that we’ve always loved about this place.”

Feels is November 28 at American Steel Studios. Listen to tracks from musical performers below, and check out the full, (perfect, IMO) lineup here.

Feels IV
American Steel Studios
November 28, 2015
6pm, $25-$30 GA, $75 VIP