Acid Fast have been around the block. The group is comprised of seasoned rockers who cut their chops in bands like Big Kids and currently still perform in Nervous, Pigeon Island, and Death Drive. After laying low for some time, the foursome is back with their sophomore album, scheduled to come out right in time for their 5th anniversary as a band. Last Night on Earth recalls the nostalgic, driving rhythms that were coming out of California and Philly around 2010 with bands like Glocca Morra, Summer Vacation, and of course, pre-Acid Fast pop punkers Big Kids.

Unlike last year’s Rabid Moon, the new Acid Fast feels tighter, more concise, and darker. There’s a seasoned weariness on the record, but a vigilant optimism prevails. “Blackout Curtains” resigned refrain “I’m losin’ it tonight” is performed by the band’s vocalists in harmony, and invokes one of pop punk’s biggest themes – at the end of the day, it’s just you and the people you spend your time with making sense of it all. Check out the track’s restrained groove below and keep an eye out for the record late this year, a co-release between Salinas Records and Stupid Bag.

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In other news, the band has a video out for another slapper off the new record, and has been threatened with legal action by #fastagent over the below image. The band’s message to #fastagent – “kiss our asses”. Catch ’em on the West coast and more in the future ~