Yesterday, we launched our 2015 Year End Fundraiser on Indiegogo. We hope you are already convinced to donate because you believe in our mission of supporting and promoting Bay Area independent arts and music. But let’s say you want more…well, we’re here to give it to you. Here’s a full rundown of all the awesome perks available in our fundraiser starting at a $15 donation.

Digital Download ($15 donation)
Think about it: If you make the least possible effort you can muster, you get a 41-track compilation brimming with unreleased and rare tracks from local artists and TBB faves through the years. That’s a pretty wide payoff gap, if you ask us.

White.white t-shirtDrink Pack ($30 donation)
If you’re feeling generous, you’ll get that download, plus two coozies. Who doesn’t love a cold drink? Who doesn’t love a cold drink to stay cold? We certainly do — just ask the several mini-fridges full of beer from staff meetings past in our office. Need a way to open that cold one? Have a bottle opener. Spin your digital download while you do it for backyard bliss.

T-shirt Enthusiast ($60 donation)
If you’re like me, a promotional t-shirt feels like the ultimate prize. Instant gym/bed/moving day gear! With the T-Shirt Enthusiast pack, you get all of the aforementioned items plus a snazzy Bay Bridged t-shirt featuring an exclusive design from Brendan Nakahara (also known as the creative partner ofChaz Bundick, aka Toro y Moi). Wear it with pride.

Festival Fan ($100 donation)
Getting serious for a moment: Phono del Sol is the coolest music festival this side of the Rockies. An expertly curated lineup of local and semi-local bands, the best in Bay Area food trucks, more than enough booze to keep you happy — all at an extremely reasonable price, and in a small enough space that feet won’t be sore by the end of the day. Donate $100 and we will let you and a friend in for half the usual price. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Generationals at Phono Del Sol, by Paige K ParsonsHoodie Hero ($175 donation)
A hoodie is the “shut up and take my money” of the merchandise table. Promotional t-shirts are hard enough to come by, but a hoodie? That’s a 15,000-ticket prize at Chuck E Cheese’s. Check the Hoodie Hero pack for everything above, t-shirt included, PLUS a hoodie to protect you from El Niño.

Festival Fanatic ($250 donation)
What’s better than a Festival Fan? A Festival Fanatic. If you’re a festival goer with a competitive streak, go all in for the Festival Fanatic passes and show those Festival Fans what’s up. The Festival Fanatic package includes all of the above plus four FREE tickets to Phono 2016 — a value of $120.

Festival Fanatic VIP ($500 donation)
Since you’re already shelling out for the Festival Fanatic pack…why not treat yo self? Bump yourself and three friends up to the VIP version, which comes with our special VIP tickets and all the trimmings (an exclusive beer garden, discounts on drinks, and less icky bathrooms).

podcastPodcast Champion ($1000 donation)
See those two fresh-faced kids to the right? That’s a young Ben Van Houten and Christian Cunningham behind the mic, where they’ve been for the last 9-and-three quarters years, laboring away at the Bay Bridged podcast. Look at them. So young. So beardless.

For $1,000, you can host an episode of the Bay Bridged podcast with more mature, more hirsute versions of the two pictured over there. They’ll give you ample airtime and even let you help craft the playlist.

Basketball Champion ($2,000 donation)
You are the champion, my friend. Play basketball with the more athletically inclined Bay Bridged staff and San Francisco music legend John Vanderslice (don’t blame us if he doesn’t let you win, though). We’ll even have a post-game barbecue all set up for you, just like in elementary school.

Gold Phono Champion ($2,000 donation)
If you’ve got $2,000 burning a hole in your pocket and an everlasting love for local music, then do we have a deal for you. Gold Phono Champion donors get the digital download, 2 koozies, the bottle opener, the t-shirt, the hoodie, and four free VIP Phono del Sol tickets — plus unlimited free drinks and an exclusive viewing area at the main stage during the festival.

Platinum Champion ($3,000 donation)
Oh yes, the Phono-related prizes just keep getting better. How, you ask? Just think: Everything that comes with the Gold Phono package, plus the distinct honor of helping The Bay Bridged book a pre-Phono show (hey, we figure anyone who reads our blog must have impeccable taste). Not only that, you can invite a whole truckload of your friends with your own personal guest list.

1351188386-boats-fill-mccovey-cove-to-support-sf-giants-during-world-series_1548450Diamond Champion ($5,000 donation)
I don’t even know where to begin with our final package, so I’ll just lay out everything you get: the download, the two coozies, the bottle opener, the T-shirt, the hoodie, VIP tickets with free drinks and roped-off seating, AND — you ready for this? — you can cruise into McCovey Cove on a sailboat with our co-founder Christian and Operations Director Zack and seven friends to eat and (all-you-can) drink while the Giants play baseball. No, we’re not kidding. We have a boatgating party to give away to our highest donor, complete with a curated mixtape and professional photos from one of our crazy-talented photographers that you can show off on Facebook the next day. Pretty sweet? We think so.

To donate to the Bay Bridged 2015 Year End Fundraiser, visit our Indiegogo campaign page. All proceeds go directly to the 501(c)3 nonprofit The Bay Bridged and our mission to support Bay Area independent arts and music.