Following the release of the album Sha-La-Love on October 16, Los Angeles’s The Blank Tapes have since embarked on a mini-tour in support of the new LP. Released on Dome of Doom, Frontman Matt Adams spent the majority of recording Sha-La-Love in Oakland, California back in 2008-2010. Unfortunately, the album’s release was delayed and eventually abandoned due to focusing on other projects.

Adams, the sole member of The Blank Tapes, recently picked the album back up and with a few new tracks, some overdubbing, as well as adding Will Halsey (Sugar Candy Mountain) with Pearl Charles and Veronica Bianqui on vocals, the album finally began to take form.

Sha-La-Love still keeps that same garage pop-rock sound that has defined The Blank Tapes since their founding in 2003, adding elements of surf and blues rock into the mix. The album consists of 18 different tracks, each of which has kept me thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The tracks themselves are as diverse and unique from one another as they can get. You could be listening to the upbeat and very danceable “Somebody Somewhere” and then instantly be taken to a much gloomier place when listening to “Go On”.

Matt Adams talents as a singer-songwriter are unquestionable given the plethora of music he has written over his career, and this quality truly shines on his newest record. If you haven’t already done so, check out his bandcamp where the album is available for streaming, as well as purchase. Adams will perform as a solo act at Amnesia on Valencia St tonight playing songs off his newest LP. This show will be somewhat of a homecoming for Adams given that he spent much of his life living in San Francisco as well as the heavy influence the city and culture had on his music.

The Beehavers, Billy Changer, Matt Adams
Amnesia, San Francisco
Tuesday, November 17, 8:30 pm
$7 doors, 21+