San Francisco’s Deerhoof have been around the music scene since their founding in 1994. Along the way, the band has released a total of 13 full length albums over 17 years. Anyone who has attended a Deerhoof concert would already know that their performances are somewhat of a Bay Area delicacy. With rabid dancing, splintered instruments, and an upbeat sound, Deerhoof often leaves listeners asking why, in nearly two decades of existence, has a live album never been released?

Given their vast amount of experience releasing new material, Deerhoof have finally decided to hold up on their creativity in order to release their very first live album. While on tour in Japan during December of last year, the band decided to roll the cameras during one of their shows in the small and cramped Tokyo Club.

Fever 12164, a live 12-song collection, will be officially released on November 27 as part of “Record Store Day Black Friday”. This will mark the band’s 14th LP and will be the only one to not feature any new material. Instead, Deerhoof attempts to showcase their live rawness and emotion which they express every time they take the stage. Watch Deerhoof perform “We Do Parties” from the Toyko show below.

Fever 121614:

01 Exit Only
02 Paradise Girls
03 Let’s Dance The Jet
04 Doom
05 Fresh Born
06 We Do Parties
07 Buck And Judy
08 Dummy Discards A Heart
09 Twin Killers
10 I Did Crimes For You
11 There’s That Grin
12 Come See The Duck