If you have gone to El Rio on a Monday, then you already know it’s one of the craziest nights to be there, because it’s their classic $1 beer and $3 wells night. Lately, they’ve also been smacking great live bands on top of this. Next Monday is a perfect example, as two of my favorite local bands grace the ears of the cheaply drunk.

Silver Shadows from SF, who in the past year have opened for La Luz and Shannon and the Clams are the main band, and one I am very excited about. Their music excretes a feeling in me as though Halloween never passed and the dead are watching my every move. Their synth-drenched darkwave act sucks in elements of post-punk, surf rock and ’80s goth. Live, their haunting talent and originality only becomes more apparent.

Opening for them is BAUS from Oakland, who are almost impossible to label. Unless you start to just speak funky mumble jumble until that funky mumble jumble successfully creates a new genre term that fits. BAUS is just a funky lively punk-like no-wave bopping band from Oakland that has never left me not entertained.

So when the weekend’s over and Monday comes around, if you don’t want to miserable and alone anymore, hop to El Rio for cheap booze, good tunes, and no bros.

Silver Shadows, BAUS
El Rio SF
November 16, 2015
8pm, $3 (21+)