I first covered Gold Minor way back in April and assumed they would also be releasing their debut album Bone Flowers at the time as well. I was excited. I had listened to the entire record numerous times, admiring the crunching riffs and soaring vocals and big, hallelujah rock n’ roll arrangements and was happy the world would soon similarly enjoy the music of Gold Minor like I had been for weeks. They would finally be in on the band that, at the time, was practically the Bay’s best kept musical secret.

Well, I’m pretty sure the secret’s out now, and so will the album this weekend. Along with their definite intention on releasing the LP Saturday night, the band has also released a music video accompanying single “Take Me Home.” There will also be a special secret video screening/release party on Saturday night, and those of you interested in attending can find out more details via the band’s Facebook page — it looks like there will be performances by Gold Minor, The Human Condition, and Beautiful Machines at a secret location masquerade party.