In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week’s Bay Area concert scene.

Jeffertitti’s Nile, Down and Outlaws, Everyone Is Dirty for The Gothic Luau II at Rickshaw Stop (SF) Nov. 4
A little different vibe than you typically expect on a Wednesday night in the city — the hosts were handing out lei’s to every attendee and Hawaiian shirts were encouraged attire — that ushered in a little different show than normal, too. Everyone is Dirty went all out for the gothic luau theme, dressing in full costume. Down and Outlaws are the city’s resident rock stars from performance style to guitar riffs to outfits. The guitarist jumped into and played his instrument in the crowd, a first for me at the Rickshaw. Jeffertitti’s Nile looked and played straight out of the 60s. Which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective. I’ll call it interesting. —Zack Frederick

Somos, Microwave at Bottom of the Hill (SF) Nov. 6
I had the opportunity to experience some of the east coast’s punk scene on Thursday, November 5. The line-up was set to have four bands perform, sadly I had only enough time for two due to some unfortunate obligations. However, seeing Microwave and Somos perform helped me to remember how absolutely exhilarating and raw it is to rock out in a crowd of people who genuinely enjoy heavy guitar riffs and angsty vocals. Bottom of the Hill is certainly one of the most intimate venues in the city, and provides an atmosphere that is irreplaceable. Definitely a night to remember. —Tyler Jordan

El Vy at The Independent (SF) Nov. 6
Just a few weeks after playing to a rapturous overflow crowd as the headlining act of the Treasure Island Music Festival, The National’s Matt Berninger returned to San Francisco for a repeat performance at a significantly smaller venue. Playing with his musical side project, El Vy, Berninger held court to a packed house at the Independent on Friday night. Despite having just a smattering of live performances under their belt, El Vy played as if they’d been doing this for years, chugging through their single album’s worth of material in a composed and engaging manner. Along with their original and skittish take on smoky nightclub tunes, the band busted out a cover version of the Fine Young Cannibals’ 80s classic “She Drives Me Crazy,” a song that is quickly becoming a much-anticipated staple of their live show. —Will Reisman

Vetiver, Tall Tales and the Silver Lining at Starline Social Club (Oak) Nov. 6
It was my first trip to the Starline Social Club, which has been doing a great job booking since a bit of a reboot earlier this year. The sound wasn’t great, but the faded, old-smelling paint and antique details create a wonderful retro high school dance vibe. The six-piece Tall Tales opened up with tenderhearted and joyful Laurel Canyon vibes shared with a lot of smiles. Vetiver started slow to a room full of noisy conversations, but gradually picked up the pace, culminating with a cover of The Grateful Dead’s “Don’t Ease Me In”. The rhythm had more people dancing than I’d ever expect to see at a Vetiver show, while the overall atmosphere left me half-expecting to see Marty McFly slide across the stage for a solo. Good times. —Russell Jelinek

Richard Shirk & Hoxton Mob at The Octopus Literary Salon (Oak) Nov. 6
Richard Shirk celebrated his birth, death and everything in-between. Hoxton Mob played a sad birthday song in a minor key. There was pumpkin cheesecake. —MBL

Kelela at Real Future Fair / Live Song Exploder Podcast at Palace of Fine Arts (SF) Nov. 7
Despite a night that Fusion (an offshoot of Univision and ABC) billed “real future,” Kelela spoke most passionately of her love for Miami bass and Janet Jackson in recounting production values of her up-tempo “Rewind” from her new EP. Her performance was soulful and emotional too (way more, and in a great way, than I expected). —Dan Senter

The Shivas & Bam Bam at 1234 Go! (Berkeley) Nov. 7
The Shivas 1st show on their latest tour brought a new band. High energy. Bam Bam, who aren’t on any tour stole the show. —MBL

Mattson 2 & Money Mark at Starline Social Club (Oak) Nov. 10
Identical savant twins Mattson 2 resurrected Money Mark to the Starline. Money. —MBL