Spooky Mansion

It’s already November, but we can’t get enough of the spooky — Spooky Mansion, that is. The San Francisco-based paranormal surf-soul rock ‘n’ roll group are emerging on the scene as purveyors of sunny yet gritty music that puts a fresh spin on Bay Area garage rock. Their latest single, “Feel That Blood,” is chock full of angular guitar riffs and wry melodic vocals from frontman Grayson Converse. And we’re proud to debut its accompanying video, which may give Hawaii 5-0 a run for its money.

Directed by Converse himself and shot by Greg DiMartino of fellow San Francisco band O (fka Black Cobra Vipers), the video is a mini 80s cop film featuring breezily-dressed protagonists trying to solve a murder in the band’s home neighborhood of the Sunset. It’s colorful and has a certain kind of grainy VHS quality that may remind you, as a recent press release suggests, of Miami Vice, because: “We’ve never seen it but we’ve heard.” Plus, it has a twist ending! You can watch below.

The band is releasing their debut EP in January on Wave Dweller Records, the new local production company-turned-record label who put on the sold-out Night of the Living Shreds Halloween show with us this past week. Exciting enough, the EP marks their first release as a label. We can anticipate more news about the release soon, but for now, you can check out a little preview on YouTube!