golden void

Masters of Bay Area psych-rock Golden Void are playing a one-off show this Friday night at Bottom of the Hill. Celebrating the release of their new LP Berkana, the band cements their status as headtrip heroes able to dish out some of the most crushing grooves, chunky riffs and dense sonic arrangements around. Tracks like the ethereal “Astral Plane” and jazz-tinged “Silent Season” also see the group expand to the outer reaches of the genre. Though the term “psych-rock” is casually tossed at any band that dials up the reverb and writes songs that stretch pass the four-minute mark, Golden Void is one of the few truly deserving of the description “psychedelic”. Their music really will alter your consciousness through excellent musicianship and a hypnotic rhythmic sensibility.

Check out their latest music video for the song “Burbank’s Dream” included below.

Golden Void, Hot Lunch, Pushy
Bottom of the Hill
November 13, 2015
9pm, $10-12 (21+)