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Esteemed Canadian indie rock band Young Rival are coming to San Francisco on Sunday, November 15 to perform at Slim’s. Following the release of their third and latest LP Interior Light on October 16 via Paper Bag Records, the band will begin a rigorous tour in support of their new album spanning through February of next year.

Formerly known as Ride Theory, Young Rival’s lineup consists of Aron D’Alesio (vocals, guitar), John Smith (bass), and Noah Fralick (drums). The group has released a total of three full length albums beginning with their self-titled debut in 2010.

The trio brings an indie rock sound that is one of a kind. While traditionally the band’s work has consisted of fast-paced classic pop tracks like “Nothing You Know Well” and “Two Reasons”, Interior Light adds a bit of psychedelic buzz to the band’s signature formula of 60s pop rock, and achieves this perfect harmony with ease.

According to fyi, the group describes their recent LP as “croon psych” a term they coined which they describe as “the personification of Sinatra dropping acid with Deerhunter”. I’d agree that that sums up the sound of Interior Light and Young Rival’s new identity with the album.

The “croon psych” factor is in full effect on the albums lucid title track, providing that aforementioned pop rock psychedelic noise mix. D’Alesio adds experimental vocal ranges to his already established pop sound and matches it seamlessly with phased out guitar licks on songs like “Scruples,” which carries a pretty interesting backstory behind the lyrics. While it’s not as fast paced as their two previous albums, it still maintains that same quirkiness and melody drive. Oh yeah, it’s catchy as hell.

Young Rival, Born Ruffians
November 15, 2015, 7pm
$17, all ages