Brooklyn-based duo Widowspeak is in the Bay Area all weekend, and the band will grace The Chapel’s stage this Sunday with its magnetic brand of dream-folk. The band’s third LP, All Yours, came out in September; it is gentle but generous — surreal, but pensively so. It resides in the realm between the outer world and closed eyelids, and soars less often than it stunningly sighs.

Lead singer Molly Hamilton croons with a longing for elsewhere – anywhere but here – but with a knowing understanding that she isn’t quite ready to leave. Situated at the center and looking outward, she observes how old she’s become (on “Girls”), mediates over a desire for numbed bliss (on “Stoned”), and ponders the question of “If I stayed, would it be better?” (on “Dead Love (So Still)”). Robert Earl Thomas provides lead guitar, as well as a few vocals of his own, to balance Hamilton’s careful reflections, and, together, the two drift serenely in a hypnotic haze.

To get to know the members of the band a little better, we asked Molly and Robert to share with us some of their favorite songs that they felt fit certain themes, such as nostalgia and heartbreak. Check out what they consider a great song to start off a road trip and a song that inspired them to write their own music, among other topics, below.

A song that helped you through heartbreak.

Cat Power – “Colors and the Kids”

“There’s something incredibly cathartic about this song, how delicately mournful it is, and how Chan Marshall’s voice communicates so much. I was just getting into Cat Power when I had my first significant breakup and this song will always remind me of that time.” – Molly

A song that inspired you to write your own music.

The Microphones – “The Moon”

“When I discovered K Records and all those bands, it really made me realize that DIY doesn’t have to limit you to one aesthetic or sound, and I started writing songs and recording them soon after that. I love how Phil Elverum describes spaces and moments and interactions.” – Molly

A song you wish was played when you ride elevators.

Santo and Johnny – “Sleepwalk”

“Because it’s dreamy and classic, and would make an elevator ride feel like a fantastic journey.” – Molly

A song that fills you with childhood nostalgia.

The Beatles – “All Together Now”

“My neighbor’s mom had the Yellow Submarine soundtrack in her car for carpool back in the third grade. I can’t imagine how annoying it was hearing us sing along.” – Robert

A song that literally brought tears to your eyes.

Bruce Springsteen – “Born to Run”

“It was a weird day. I was sitting on the couch with headphones and I just erupted in sobs. I kept saying, ‘they just want to be free.’” – Robert

A song to perfectly start off a roadtrip.

The War on Drugs – “Best Night”

“The War on Drugs is my ultimate driving band and this is the first tune I really got into.” – Robert

Widowspeak, Quilt
The Chapel
November 8th, 2015
9pm, $15, All Ages