future feel

New Future Shapes single “Feel” poses some deep questions about the nature of reality and hints at an unspecified, intangible, existential need hanging off the haunting reverb and laid-back groove. But if you’re looking for answers to the metaphysical mysteries, all singer-songwriter Fil Cala offers in the chorus is “It’s probably me, just being crazy.” Perhaps, Fil. Or perhaps you’re onto some terrifying, inexplicable secret about the universe that can only be translated through your self-coined genre of “shitwave.”

This gem of mindfreak soul is a preview of the band’s upcoming EP, Microchasm, set to be released early next year. It contains all the weirdness you’ve come to expect from the group, plus some polish on the production values as well. It’s definitely the cleanest track I’ve heard from them yet. No worries for lo-fi purists though — Future Shapes still succeed in obscuring meaning with abstract imagery, and sending shivers up your spine with creeping guitar lines.