young creatures

With a San Francisco music scene already overstocked with enough psychedelic rock bands to populate Max Yasgur’s farm a dozen times over, the last thing you probably want to hear about is an out-of-town psychedelic rock band coming to squeeze into this kaleidoscopic soundscape. Fear not — Los Angeles-based Young Creatures is a welcome edition to the city this weekend, mostly because they don’t sound like your typical fuzzed-out stoners attempting to reenact the Summer of Love.

The four-piece obtains certain stock elements of the genre such as unorthodox song structures and atmospheric guitar lines, but they also harbor a sense of melodic and lyrical coherency that helps them to stand out from the tie-dyed pack. Their debut LP Fear All The Things offers numerous twists to the genre, from the soaring melody of “Can’t Tell A Lie” (featuring the delightfully cheeky lyric “never told a lie I didn’t believe”) to the catchy quirkiness of “Foreigner,” making both the album and band fall into a style not so easy to categorize, one that will take a few careful listens to fully appreciate and, once appreciated, won’t easily be forgotten.

You can see Young Creatures perform live at the Milk Bar Saturday night as they tour through the area in support of this release.

Whiteboards, The Jilters, BDubs and the Playas, The Other Tones, Young Creatures
Milk Bar
November 7, 2015
7pm, $5 (21+)