Oakland band The Tet Holiday recently played at Bottom of the Hill with their new drummer Brandon Farmer, and they rocked it. If you don’t know their music, check out their recently released lyric video for their song “Make-Believer”:

They’re a guitar-bass-drums trio, with influences from pop, shoegaze, and indie. I can hear some Jesus and Mary Chain, some Replacements, some Japandroids in there. I got to speak with songwriter Andrew Ledford about their sound.

The Bay Bridged:  Tell me how you would want to communicate what your music is, and how you think it will be best presented to people.

Andrew Ledford: My fallback thing when people ask is just pop songs played loud. In very basic terms it’s that. In a lot of ways the band is just a love letter to the electric guitar.  And not in the sense that it’s like shred-worthy craziness, because I can’t play like that.  It’s about…any show I’ve ever seen where I’ve left laughing because it was just so thoroughly mind blowing that I just didn’t know what to do, so Mogwai at Coachella in 2006, and every time I’ve seen My Bloody Valentine, and probably another couple of shows, the common denominator was really loud guitars, there was something transformative about the experience.  So it’s writing catchy songs, but I want to make other people have that experience.  It’s pop songs played loud, and just kinda fucked up so it’s more interesting.

TBB: Is that how you’d describe the music on the album?

AL:  The album is more carefully considered than our live show.  I wanted the songs to shine, I wanted the textures to be there, and I wanted it to be an interesting record to listen to on headphones.  I really wanted to make something cohesive.  This was an attempt to do that and have everything be kind of unified, and have it be something that’s interesting to listen to and not just a collection of things kind of thrown together.  I think we have a good live energy and so I wanted that energy to be there, but I also wanted to make something that was interesting to listen to in the dark with headphones on.

Their debut full length Statues will come out in 2016 keep an eye out for news!