I’m not sure exactly what’s in the water in the North Bay, but they’ve been sending us some great loud music of late. Santa Rosa’s The Illumignarly are no exception, although they aren’t fitting into any typical punk or hardcore scene. The Illumignarly makes first and foremost surf music, but adds a punk edge that brings the energy level up a notch or three.

The Illumignarly started as a side project of guitarist Derek Nielsen and Scott Manwell, who had played in bands together in the North Bay. They’d been in a surf band in high school, and when Nielsen came upon an original Fender Twin Reverb and heard the tone, they decided they needed to restart a surf band. “We love the sound of reverb drenched surf instrumentals, but we also all listen and play in punk/hardcore/metal/ post-rock bands,” explains Nielsen. “So we sub-consciously incorporate it all into our music, while still trying to stay true to what makes surf instrumental music so unique and catchy.” Their brand new album Apocalypse Gnar is available via Don’t Look Down Records, and you can stream it below. The Illumignarly are celebrating the release with a show at Atlas Coffee Company in Santa Rosa Friday night.

The Illumignarly, Secret Cat, Sloth n’ Turtle, The Acharis
Atlas Coffee Company (Santa Rosa)
October 30, 2015
7pm, $5 ($3 w/ costume)