The Mantles
The Mantles (Photo by David Armstrong)

There’s something about most jangle-pop that instantly recalls warm summer breezes and waxing nostalgic. Today, you deserve a bit of a summer throwback, and that comes in the form of San Francisco-based The Mantles’ new video for their single “Doorframe.”

The song itself is a perfect specimen of shimmering guitar hooks and wistful moods, grounded by singer/guitarist Michael Olivares’ lightly ragged vocals. The video, directed by drummer Virginia Weatherby, wonderfully highlights these juxtapositions while simply having a ton of fun. We see shots of the band playing together by the water, dressed in black, with the scene decorated by blow-up palm trees. What’s really cool about how the video is shot is the beautiful kaleidoscopic visual effects that are layered over some of the frames, even at times obscuring their faces in a kind of eerie way.  The colorful summer fest ends with the camera spinning along with each band member, and the POV makes you feel like you’re spinning with them in reckless abandon.

The song comes from their third full-length, All Odds End, which came out a week ago on local record Slumberland. Check out the video below!