Atlantic meets Pacific Thursday night, November 5 at Bottom of the Hill where four East coast bands will put on a show that is sure to rock the foundations of San Francisco. Among with the emo/punk rock line-up that consists of Have Mercy, Transit, and Microwave, are up and coming Boston rockers Somos.

Formed in 2012, Somos consists of four members: Michael Fiorentino (vocals/bass) Phil Haggerty (guitar) Justin Hahn (guitar) and Evan Deges (drums).

Following the success of their debut album Temple of Plenty in 2014, which the group describes as a “pleasant surprise”, they have since left the house shows and bars of Boston and started their tour of the US. Somos describes this transition as their biggest obstacle yet, stating, “When we started our tours, we didn’t really have a fan base, but we’ve sort of just tried to push ourselves, and tried to just become a band that tours regularly. That’s been a challenge for us.” That statement is no joke for this band, considering they will be performing a total of 16 shows spanning from Nov. 1 -22, beginning in Washington and ending in Virginia.

The band melds a mixture of indie rock and pop-punk with just enough in-your-face noise that forces you to blow out your speakers. Well, perhaps not literally, but you can’t really get the real feel for the band without cranking your volume up just a bit more. The heavy dual guitar riffs, fast paced drumming, and driving vocal force will have you banging your head, or at the very least, sporting a slight bob. Listening to tracks like “Domestic”, “Dead Wrong”, and “Lives of Others”, it almost seems unlawful and immoral to listen without moving a muscle.

As of now, the band only has one full-length album out on Tiny Engines, an indie label based in the Carolinas. However, frontman Michael Fiorentino has revealed an album set to drop in early 2016 on their newly joined Southern California label No Sleep Records. He also stated that at least one new song from the upcoming LP will be played throughout the tour.

When asked about any influences for the next album, Fiorentino says, “For our upcoming record, we listened a lot to Bloc Party, especially the album Silent Alarm, which is a pretty big reference point for our music studio, and on the more pop side of it, we’ve been really enjoying The 1975s“.

Somos’s appearance at Bottom of the Hill will mark only their sixth show on the west coast. The band has stated that their best show of the tour so far has been in their home state of Massachusetts. However, when asked about any differences between east and west coast crowds, the band explained, “The thing that’s kind of interesting, the most insane show we’ve ever played in terms of crowd response was at a venue in Pomona, California during a tour with Tigers Jaw“.

I implore all rockers, punks, and angsty ones of the Bay Area to check out the Somos Bandcamp and listen to their entire debut album in order to get as pumped up for the show as possible. If you are feeling a bit down or dull on the Thursday following Halloween and looking to release some rowdiness, you definitely don’t want to miss this East coast invasion.

Have Mercy, Transit, Somos, Microwave
The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
November 5,  2015, 7pm
$14 adv, $16 door, All Ages