Have you been searching for a new band to blanket you in your thriving loss of emotional control and make everything O.K. for 35 minutes? Well, Eskimeaux‘s album O.K. is here for you. The album is exactly 35 minutes long, but you’ll probably end up listening to it on a repeat after the first listen. I have been trying to write this article about Gabrielle Smith’s project, Eskimeaux, for almost a week now, but every time I sat down at my desk, prepared to write, and played the album, I ended up freezing. As in my body froze and lifted itself to my bed where I ended up just laying and listening to the album until the sun came out again. It was as though the lyrics just got heavier in my mind and body as I kept listening, and with every second the album only became more remarkable and honest.

The fact that these songs were probably all written in a bedroom, while emotions were overflowing and the only way to speak them was to sing them, is beautifully apparent. Eskimeaux is bedroom pop at it’s finest, being both poetic and catchy all at once. O.K. is Eskimeaux’s full length debut under Double Double Whammy, but they had been working on these songs for years. There’s original demos of many of them out on Eskimeaux’s bandcamp.

Eskimeaux is also on tour and stopping at Bottom of the Hill on December 19th with Colleen Green and Pity Sex.

Pity Sex, Colleen Green, Eskimeaux
Bottom of the Hill
Saturday, December 19, 2015
$15, 8pm (all ages)