Eagle Wolf Snake

San Francisco natives EagleWolfSnake are set to release their full-length debut album, Zang! on Oct. 30. The three-piece band features Eli Meyskens (bass), Nick Bray (guitar), and Ryan Malley (drums). They originally started as a neo-soul quartet called Music for Animals after which Eli, Nick, and Ryan branched off to form a new group they named EagleWolfSnake. The band describes this transition from four members to three as being, “the biggest challenge thus far.”

Musically, the newly formed band has seemed to evolve from their previous forms. Bassist Eli Meyskens states, “we decided in this band that we would all sing, sometimes alternating the lead, but most of the time singing together using gang vocals.”  This vocal style can be clearly heard on their late 2014 single “Whatever You Say,” and even more on songs like “Signs.”

The debut LP Zang! features eight tracks — three of which have already been released via the band’s website and SoundCloud. The album took shape after the break-up of Music For Animals and was completed in about a year’s time. The first three tracks (available on the band’s site) are self-produced. The remainding tracks for Zang! were recorded in studio with the guidance of Different Fur Studios owner Patrick Brown. When asked about the results of the work on their debut album, the band gave a consensus stating, “there were no disagreements about lyrics or production, and we all worked together and created something that we all really feel.”

The band has drawn numerous comparisons (including on The Bay Bridged) to the classic new wave group Talking Heads, which is something the band has grown to be very proud of.

“We are not trying to be like them — I think that’s pretty much impossible,” Eli said. “But there is definitely influence there and I think the most common vibe between us if there is one, is that we both like to have fun.”

Much like the Talking Heads, EagleWolfSnake’s songs are upbeat with funky guitar licks and bass lines. The melding of each member’s lyrics and vocals add to the effect of their liveliness. Hidden behind each of their tracks are messages and images the band wants to portray. From the deaths of friends and family in songs like “Empty Weather,” to themes of anti-corporatism on “We are We are,” the group attempts to portray their heavier lyrics yet at the same time, “bring the party to a place and not be too heady about it.” Other tracks on Zang! include an ode to The Pixies, as well as Pink Floyd inspired track about not getting trapped in the monotony of daily life.

EagleWolfSnake will be performing at Bottom of the Hill on November 12 for their debut release show. The band described their new release and the upcoming show as their own personal comeback after having “their musical spirits beaten down.”  Do not miss your opportunity to see this great band perform alongside local garage rock act Jet Trash, and indie pop group Lungs and Limbs.

EagleWolfSnake, Jet Trash, Lungs and Limbs
Bottom of the Hill
November 12, 8:30 pm
$10 (21+)