Following the release of Vetiver’s newest album Complete Strangers in March, band leader Andy Cabic and co. embarked on a Europe tour to promote their soothing folk sounds. That tour, which began September 18 and spanned from Estonia to England, will end this week. Fortunately, Vetiver announced four west coast shows following their return home to the states, two of which are here in the Bay Area. The San Francisco native folk singer will perform in Mill Valley at The Sweetwater Music Hall on November 5 and the following night at Starline Social Club in Oakland.

Vetiver itself is a collection of songs and recordings that frontman Andy Cabic has written since 2002. Cabic is the heart and soul of this band with a rotating set of musicians that accompany him on albums and tours. Since 2004, Vetiver has put out six albums all while touring with notable artists including Fleet Foxes, The Shins, and Wilco.

Complete Strangers kicks off with “Stranger Still,” which features a lucid and transcending melody but it is not until a bit over a minute later that we start to hear Cabic’s voice singing out what he calls, “an anthem for insomniacs.” The talented lyricists soothing vocals on songs like “Current Carry” feels as if one is drifting on a wave. The album ultimately ends with the appropriately titled “Last Hurrah” — its poetic lyrics and instrumentation make it the easiest song to close your eyes and daydream to. Ultimately, Vetiver’s latest LP is its own separate dimension of folk that listeners will find it easy to get lost in.

Vetiver’s sound has not changed much since their self-titled debut album back in 2004, and there is no reason as to why it should. The folky sound and soothing vocals are just as prominent over a decade later since their founding. Looking ahead, it seems like Cabic and crew aren’t slowing down anytime soon. As evidenced by the extension of their European tour to include four more shows back home, there is plenty of gas left in Vetiver’s tank — which shouldn’t come as a surprise since they are one of the best and longest-standing indie bands San Francisco has to offer.

Sweet Water Music Hall, Mill Valley
November 5, 9:30pm
$20 all ages

Vetiver, Tall Tales & the Silver Lining
Starline Social Club, Oakland
November 6,  8pm
$20 all ages