I’ll spare you the “good timing for a folk album with strings — it’s autumn!” analogies of home-knit sweaters, steaming mugs of pumpkin something-or-other, and a mewing feline forever glued to your sternum. Those are so trite, right?

Instead, understand that Oakland’s Golda is helmed by talented multi-instrumentalists Ariella Sosis and Grace U. Mun. Sosis is a classically trained pianist who owes her tutelage to her Ukrainian parents. She is also behind the endearingly intimate vocals. The raw simplicity of Sosis’ voice is amplified to the force of an echo chamber by violist Munn. This is for fans of Patrick Watson, Marissa Nadler, and anyone who loves achingly expansive strings.

The Oakland-based duo released a three-song EP on October 9th, appropriately titled Siren’s Call. Stream it in its entirety on Soundcloud, or buy digitally track-by-track on their website.

I cherry-picked the (IMHO) best track already, “Lord of Heaven.” Go ahead, scroll down and click.