Fuzz, a no-nonsense garage rock trio that specializes in loud kickass songs and even louder kick ass songs, will play two shows in the Bay Area on Sunday and Monday nights.

Led by the uber-prolific Ty Segall, Fuzz will open up for veteran grunge rockers Mudhoney at The Chapel in San Francisco on October 18 and at the Starline Social Club in Oakland on October 19. Segall, a former San Francisco resident who is basically constantly making music, mans the drums for Fuzz, letting his longtime pals Charles Mootheart and Chad Ubovich handle the guitar and bass-playing duties.

Although he’s ceding his lead-shredding responsibilities, Segall still sings lead vocals on a number of tracks for Fuzz, who are touring behind their second album. Aptly titled, II is set to arrive in stores on October 23, and will follow up on the group’s explosive self-titled debut album, which leaned heavily on the influences of gloom rock legends Black Sabbath and proto-punk outfits such as Motorhead and MC5.

While Segall, one of rock’s most gifted guitarists (his live songs usually go as follows: verse, chorus, solo, solo, solo), is behind the kit for Fuzz, he’s not merely indulging a half-baked plan to play drums for some side project. As anyone who’s seen the band perform can attest, Segall is a maniacal drummer, bringing just as much passion and precision to the back of the stage that he traditionally reserved for the front.

Moothart and Ubovich — both longtime and frequent musical collaborators with Segall — are no mere fill-ins either. They thrash and wail and embrace all the mythos of being in scuzzy garage rock band (there is no shortage of hair in this group — making each performance a how-to exhibit in headbanging.)

It’d be easy to say that Fuzz plays a brand of loud, dumb rock ‘n’ roll that is dearly absent in today’s hyper-aware music world. But Segall is too endearingly nice and Fuzz’s tunes are too fine-crafted to be considered inane or simple. They just make great music that happens to be most appropriate played at the highest volume levels.

Mudhoney, Fuzz
The Chapel and Starline Social Club, San Francisco and Oakland
October 18 and 19, 2015, 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.
$25 (Chapel show sold out)