Cassette Store Day

As you may have noticed, cassettes are back. Burger Records are a major figure in indie and garage rock scene right now, while also truly being a cassette label. They’ve released cassettes by Jenny Lewis to  Soko to Dancer. Burger even has their own mini subsidiary label called Weiner Records, in which bands can pay for the design, press, master, and distribution of their tapes. And Saturday, they have Cassette Store Day.

Recently there was even an article via NBC news about the “old cassette’s comeback” (in which you can spot some great indie bands’ tapes being manufactured at National Audio Co). Right now I am actually listening to a tape that you can see being manufactured in the video – Diet Cig‘s.

The new craze with cassettes may confuse you, but it’s happening and it’s going stronger than ever. I am already starting to build a decent little collection of new tapes to add to my childhood collection. Having a Hunx tape next to my Cinderella tape makes a very childish crooked smirk appear on my face.

So of course on the third Cassette Store Day, you’d only assume it would be a big deal, and it is. It is the biggest international and national Cassette Store Day ever. Many exclusives are coming out this Saturday. The complete list of releases is at the bottom of this article. Look at it. Maybe shed a tear or 400.

Check if your favorite record store that also happily sells cassettes are on the list of stores involved too. I know for sure that both 1-2-3-4 Go! Records are setting up for some great things this Saturday – Oakland’s 1-2-3-4 Go! Records is even having a little party presented by Southpaw Records, featuring new releases and live performances by The Younger Lovers, Cumstain, and Courtney & the Crushers, while Econo Jam hosts Spencer Owen’s Timeshare for a release show.

So give in to the nostalgia. Go buy a tape – especially on this year’s Cassette Store Day.


100% – The Library / ✦✧ – Apollonian Sound
#tcot – #tcot – Northern Spy
A Townsmen Echo – Old Rainier Brewery Studio Session – Unsigned
Alex G – Beach Music – Domino
Alexandra Atnif – Session.1 – Self-released
Amerigo Gazaway – Selective Hearing Volume 1 – Cold Busted
Amerigo Gazaway – Blue in Green – The Break of Dawn
Amerigo Gazaway – Evil Needle – Cirrostratus
Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island – SideOneDummy Records
Autre Ne Veut – “Age Of Transparency Vol. II
– Avatar Sessions” – Downtown
AWOLNATION – Run – Red Bull
Baby – Comes Alive – Quagmire
Barreracudas – Can Do Easy – Oops Baby Records
Be/Non – Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic – Haymaker Records
Beach Slang – “HERE, I MADE THIS FOR YOU (Beach Slang Mixtape Volume I)” – Polyvinyl Records
Berlin Brats – Zeitgeist – Burger/Authorized Records
Blessed Feathers – There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow – Hope For The Tape Deck
“Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Wicked King Wicker” – Bonkers in Yonkers – The End Records
Body Shame – Body Shame – SadoDaMascus Recrods
Boys Age – “Horses Rarities: Demo Collection of The Tale of Roan Horses” – Some Weird Sin Records
Boyscott – Goosebumps – Pizza Tape Records
Brand New Hearts – Brand New Hearts – Some Weird Sin Records
Bratmobile – Pottymouth – Kill Rock Stars
Car Seat Headrest – Teens Of Style – Matador Records
Cassandra – Belong – “Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes”
“Charlie Pierce & Choctaw Wildfire” – Nowhere – Young Cubs
Chess Match – Fragmented Reality – Space Station Ltd.
Chess Match – Live at the Chess Club: Vol. 1 – Space Station Ltd.
Chris Walla – Tape Loops – Trans
Chuck Ragan – Till Midnight – SideOneDummy Records
City Electric/Flatland – Split EP – Synthetic Sentiment
Clay Otis & Shadowbrother – Vagabond Hearts – American Grapefruit
Colleen – Everyone Alive Wants Answers – Beacon Sound
Compilation – Stay Rad SAV’15 – Furious Hooves/ Soft Science
Cool Ghouls – Live At Nice Price Vol. 1 – DiggUp Tapes
Courtney and The Crushers – Mountainous – Southpaw
Cream Of Beats – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Six – Street Corner Music
Cult Babies – Off to See the Lizard – Self-Released
“Cyrus Tha Great x Skyzoo x Roc Marciano x Joyner Lucas” – “Great Expectations (Featuring Skyzoo and Joyner Lucas) B/W Crime and Punishment (Featuring Roc Marciano)” – Cy Global
“Daniel Bachman & Ryley Walker” – Of Deathly Premonitions – Plustapes
Danny Barnes – The Barnyard Space Program – Minner Bucket Records
David R. Cornejo – Materialization – The Horse We Want To Hang
Dem Hunger – Caveman Smack – LEAVING RECORDS
Denmark Vessey – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Nine – Street Corner Music
DertBeats – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Two – Street Corner Music
“Dexter Romweber and Crash LaResh” – “Our Night At The Great Jones: Live At Blackbeard’s Lost Weekender” – Jett Plastic Recordings
DJ Nobody – Puzzles – DOMEOFDOOM
Dogs of Oz – All Shook Up – Pizza Tape Records
Dollar Bar – Paddington Workers Club – Some Weird Sin Records
Dollar Bar – Hot Ones – Some Weird Sin Records
Down – Down III – Over The Under – Down
Down – Down IV Part I – Down
Down – Down IV Part II – Down
Dream Panther – MVP – Danger Collective Records
DRUGS – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Ten – Street Corner Music
Dumb Wolves – Dumb Wolves – GP Stripes Records
Expert Alterations – You Can’t Always Be Liked – Kanine Records
EXT – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Three – Street Corner Music
Fire Engine Red – 1530 (20th Anniversary Edition) – Some Weird Sin Records
Fistula – Vermin Prolificus / Ignorant Weapon EP – The End Records
“Fizzed, The Urban Cowboys, The Fours, The Gorgeous Boys, The Urns” – Affordable Luxury – World of Birds Records
Foals – What Went Down – Warner Bros. Records
FOIE – Futuristic Visions From The Past – Speak Sleazy Sounds
FOIE – Nu Planet+Nu Adventures – Speak Sleazy Sounds
Fraternal Twin – Small Wind Power – Apollonian Sound
Free Kitten – Sentimental Education – Kill Rock Stars
Friendship Commanders – Garfield – Trimming The Shield Records
GB Monroe – Sour Balls – Tokyo Heavy
Girl Band – Holding Hands With Jamie – Rough Trade
GospelbeacH – Pacific Surf Line – Royal Oakie
Green Day – Dookie – Burger Records
Hawker M. James – Hawker M. James – Bête Noire
Healing Waters – Self-titled – SHAKE! RECORDS
Henry / rubythroat – Split – Santapogue Media
Herzog / Chomp – Split Cassette – Exit Stencil Recordings
Holy Crust // The Maples – Holy Crust / The Maples Split – “Blade Records and Coffee Shop Records”
Holy Tunics – Holy Tunics – GP Stripes
House Shoes – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Seven – Street Corner Music
I’m Glad It’s You – Daydreams – 6131 Records
Impulsive Hearts – Impulsive Hearts – Self-released
Jeff’s Solo Band – Eighteen – Jeff’s Records
JOTA ESE – America’s Most Lounted, Vol. 1 – Wonderpus Records
Jungle Brothers – Straight Out The Jungle – Get On Down
Keep Shelly In Athens – Now I’m Ready – Friends of Friends
Knights of the Fire Kingdom – Tonight -8PM – Some Weird Sin Records
KXLU 88.9FM – Livation Compilation 2015 – Independent
Kylesa – Spiral Shadow – Season of Mist
Kylesa – Ultraviolet – Season Of Mist
Late Bloomer – Things Change – 6131 Records
Late Night Friends – What I Think I’m Not – Limited Fanfare Records
Long Beard – Sleepwalker – Team Love Records
Lonnie Walker – Live At Nice Price Vol. 2 – DiggUp Tapes
Luxury Mane – Isn’t This Great? – Wiener Records
M-Phazes – Phazed Out (Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic) – Coalmine
Mac Blackout Band – City Lights EP – Rainy Road Records
Master’s Hat – Incontinence Fantasy – Universal Consciousness
Matthew Mast – Songs Stolen From The Dirt – The End Records
Method Man – The Meth Lab – Tommy Boy
Modern Art – Guitars On Fire (Reissue) – Plastic Response Records
Mold Power – Rancid Havest – Lzr Sound Design
Motorhead – Bad Magic – UDR
Mr. Night Sky – Mr. Night Sky – Blind Blind Tiger
Nadastrom – The Life And Times Of Raphael De La Ghettó – Friends of Friends
Nameless – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume One – Street Corner Music
Natural Chil – Freakin’ Weekend VI – Shed House Records
NO MEN – Needed – Young Cubs
Other Body – Demo – Ramp Local
P.H.F. – Soft – Danger Collective Records
Pareido Wolv – Sticky Side of the Moon – Via Injection
Philiac – This Appalling Ocean – Weiner Records
PLA PLA PLA – EP – Cintas (MX)
Poodles / Lone Doe – Unusual Beach Day / Dark Night Monuments – “Campers’ Rule Records / Fox Food Records”
Poster Children – Flower Plower – “Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes”
Poster Children – Toreador Squat – “Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes”
Quasimoto – The Further Adventures of Lord Quas – Stones Throw
Quichenight – Quichebeat 2015 – Lamb Speed Records
Raj Mahal – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Eight – Street Corner Music
Ray West – Starcade – Red Apples 45
RE-ANIMADORES – Me Das Asco – Burger/Wiener Records
Restorations – LP2 – SideOneDummy Records
Robert Tomaro – Slime City (Original 1988 Motion Picture Soundtrack) – One Way Static/Strange Disc
Sandratz – Social Swarm – SHAKE! RECORDS
SATELLITE TWIN – The Mechanical Hearts EP – Gubbey Records
Savants – Savants – Self-released
Sebadoh – KCRtroubleyou – Shrimper
Self Defense Family – German Industrial Ballads – Bad Paintings
Shabaam Sahdeeq – Modern Artillery – Elite Fleet Records
Shalwar Kameez – The End of The Life – Cinderblock People
Sharkmuffin – Chartreuse – Little Dickman Records
Sie Lieben Maschinen – June Gloom – Haymaker Records
Sister Crowley – Speak In Spells – Astro Lizard Records
Sister Pact – Packed – Wiener Records
Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid – Dreamboats – Jurassic Pop
Snowfall Tapes – LFHH COLLAB – Snowfall Tapes
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Broom – Polyvinyl Records
sound sleeper – A Perfect Sea For Drowning – Limited Fanfare Records
Spencer Owen – Denotation – Stimulus Progression
Spoken Nerd & 24/7 – Cult ‘a Cola Classics: Vol 2 – Semi-Pro Records
Sports – Naked All The Time – Wonderpus Records
Ssaliva – Thought Has Wings – LEAVING RECORDS
Stretch & Bobbito – Radio That Changes Lives: 03/24/94 – Stretch & Bobbito
STRFKR – Reptilians – Polyvinyl Records
Sun Araw & Matthewdavid – LIVEPHREAXXX!!!! – LEAVING RECORDS
Suntundra Moon – All Will Be Tested With Fire – DOMEOFDOOM
Supermelt – Nobody Else – Wonderpus Records
Surfer Blood – Astro Coast – Kanine Records
T-White – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Five – Street Corner Music
Teen Death – Crawling & More – 6131 Records
The Blank Tapes – Sha-La-La Love – DOMEOFDOOM
The DeathMedicine Band – From This Normality We’ve Taken Our Leave – DOMEOFDOOM
The Everymen – Under The Covers – Ernest Jenning Record Co.
The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound – SideOneDummy Records
The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang – SideOneDummy Records
The GayBoys – Feel Bongura – Paisley Shirt Records
The Halfways – Exit – Some Weird Sin Records
The Handcuffs – All The Way From Chicago – Semi-Pro Records
The Latter – Ivorics – Empty Cellar Records
The Moondoggies – Don’t Be A Stranger – Blind Blind Tiger / Hardly Art
The Off White – Don’t Take Kindly – Little Dickman Records
The Prettiots – Stabler – Rough Trade
The Roxy Suicide – Glam-Damaged – Wiener Records
The Silver Mirrors – Witching Hour – Wiener Records
The Vandals – Peace Thru Vandalism – Chi-Com International
The Winter of Twenty Six – Come Home Soon – Sea Speak Recordings
The Wonderland Philharmonic – “Shogun Assassin (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack)” – Cinewax/Light in the Attic/One Way Static
tkdwn. – the love i got. – Some Weird Sin Records
Tomas Violencia – Chugar – Naive Pulse
Tony Romano Psycho Explosion – THE MONKEY’S REVOLVER – Wiener Records
Travis Bretzer – Saucy Tasters – Human Sounds Records
TSOL – Beneath The Shadows – Burger/Wiener Records
Tuamie – House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Four – Street Corner Music
Twin Compulsions – Twin Compulsions – Infinity Cat Recordings
ullnevano & illien rosewell – Confidence is Everything – Already Dead Tapes & Records
Vajj – Sadie Hawkins E.P. – Unbuckled Records
Various Artists – Furious Hoops Vol. 01 – Furious Hooves
Various Artists – Shrimper 25th Anniversary Cassette – Shrimper
Various Artists – Stupid Punk Boy – Girlsville
Various Artists – BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979-85 – Everloving
Various Artists – “Already Dead Tapes 5th Annual Compilation – Double Cassette” – Already Dead Tapes & Records
Various Artists – Godless America Mixtape Vol. 1 – Godless America
Various Artists – Pressure Drip – Jump Up / Dark Matter
Various Artists – Sabbath Sorta Sabbath – Under The Gun Records
Various Artists – Hand To Mouth Compilation Vol. 1 – Hand To Mouth Tapes
Various Artists – The Valence Effect – Noise Loves Audio
Various Artists – UO Mixtape Volume 11 – Urban Outfitters
Various Artists – Analog Revolution Presents – Analog Revolution Records
West Nile – Self-titled – Young Cubs
Yankee Roses – Dreamless Winter – Other Electricities