If you’ve never heard of Nobunny or seen his face, then you might be a little terrified of the bunny-masked man above. Don’t be terrified, or at most don’t let your fear of bunnys make you overlook Nobunny.

Nobunny would never hurt you. Nobunny loves you. Look below for proof:

In all honesty, I never noticed how the mask is slightly terrifying because Nobunny’s music has always been the opposite to me. At first, I got into his music, then I saw him live in Oakland in 2011, and that changed everything. I was not terrified at all – I was hyper and in love. Nobunny is a major punk figure in Oakland, where he used to be situated. Majorly connected to some of my favorites like Hunx And his Punx, Shannon and the Clams, Cumstain, and Pookie & the Poodlez. Masks are more freeing than terrifying if you really think about it. You can say anything you’d like, you can dress as little as you need to, and you can be as wild as your inner animal wishes. That is Nobunny: a wildly brave and true to himself animal. Nobunny would never hurt you:

Nobunny is terrifyingly lovely, because not only is he wonderful to his fans with his music genuine in all the right crazy ways, but when you’re there watching him play in person, it’s addictive. His music is addictive enough with it’s hooks and lustful lyrics, but when you’re there witnessing it live, something comes over you: you’re in your own little bunny mask and for a second you’re just as a wildly brave and true to your inner animal as Nobunny is.

Nobunny loves you.


Nobunny, Robbery, Cumstain, The Okmoniks
The New Parish 
October 22, 2015
9pm, $16 (18+)